Robert S. Arnold

from Biographies of Gospel Song Writers
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(Please note:  This writing is from 1971 and is not current)

Robert Sterling Arnold was born on January 26, 1905 at Coleman, Texas.  He was one of five children of
Millard I. and Victoria Arnold.  He attended the public schools in Coleman and Brownwood and began his music training at the age of about sixteen.  He attended Central Music Company Normals and various singing schools, studying under J.H. Carr, Will M. Ramsey, Frank White, Dr. J. B. Herbert, and John McClung. He had private instruction from other noted teachers:  W.W. Combs, L.A. Gordon, and Mrs. J. H. Carr.

When about 18, Robert started singing with quartets as well as doing radion work at various times.  When a young man, he sang with the Central Music Company Quartet and was manager of the National Quartet for many years.

It was in February of 1926 that Cora McDonald, along with some friends, went to a singing at Veribest, Texas, where by fate, Robert was also present.  While there, she was introduced to Robert and immediately they started harmonizing and making music together.  In 1928, they were married and have continued their singing and working in the cause of gospel music with fervent interest and devotion as the years have passed.

For about twenty-four years, Mr. Arnold had a private studio  and taught piano and voice in Fort Worth, Texas.  He has also been very active in teaching singing schools with about three hundred to his credit.

Robert S. Arnold is a well-known songwriter of about two-hundred songs and considers the following his leading numbers:
Did You Repent, Fully Repent?
Have You Thought, Really Thought?
No Tears in Heaven
If I Could But Just Take One Soul To Heaven
I Wanta Get Right

Mr. Arnold has continued his work in gospel music as owner and operator of the National Music Company, Jefferson, Texas, with Mrs. Arnold serving as vice-president.  Their company has published about fifty books.  He still teaches private lessons in piano and voice at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold are members of the Church of Christ in Jefferson.